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Grand Day Out Tail Trails Dog Walk

Event Day/Time

at 10:30


Sticklebarn Tavern, Langdale (google maps)

Grand Day Out Tail Trails Dog Walk

Tail Trails Dog Walk – 10:30 on Sunday 21st October

Registration opens at 10:00 (please register no later than 10:15).

In conjunction with our friends from Tail Trails Events we are delighted to be hosting a great walk designed for you and your trusted canine friend with lots of dog fun thrown in!

No matter how big, small, furry, old or young they are – they will have a great time. We hope their owners will too!

Event Details:

Dogs must be on a lead at all times. This is to ensure our furry friends do not provoke livestock or impact on habitats and gives assurance to local landowners, farmers, the local community, stakeholders and insurers – without whose support we cannot organise events like this.

Entries: Entries (for adult humans over the age of 16) is £10, children (under 16) are £4.00. Under 16’s must be under the supervision of/accompanied by an adult at all times. Dogs are free. Please note it is a maximum of 2 dogs per human. The Tail Trails walk is a ‘turn up and enjoy’ event, you do not need to book ahead. Remember all proceeds go to our nominated charities!

Event location and registration opening times: The event venue is the upstairs room in the Sticklebarn Tavern, LA22 9JU.

Start times: The dog walk sets off at 10.30.

The route: The route is approximately a 2 hour walk. The route heads towards Baysbrown Farm from the Sticklebarn and then does a loop around towards Oak Howe, along the Cumbria Way and a loop up and through the woods above Elterwater before heading back via Chapel Stile.

Doggy challenges: When you get back to the Sticklebarn Tavern then you can then enter the dog challenges section where your dog can take on some fun challenges and win a prize for taking part. It is really all just a bit of daft fun for you and your dog!

Kit: Both trails are off-road cross country trails with muddy sections,loose sections and some steep slopes. All competitors must wear appropriate footwear (either trail/fell running shoes for runners or appropriate boots/fell shoes for walkers) and have waterproofs as appropriate.Please keep an eye on the forecast and come prepared for the conditions of the day. We reserve the right to ask participants to wear additional warm clothing (e.g. tights or long sleeve base layer etc) to be worn or carried dependent on the weather conditions on the day, so please come prepared for a kit check.

Food and drink: Please bring your own water and provisions for the walk.

Dogs at HQ: Dogs are welcome in the Sticklebarn Tavern, as long as they are on leads.

Bad weather: If there is particularly poor weather forecast we may choose to make a last minute decision to revise the routes to shorter distances on the day. Only in the most extreme weather would we abandon the event and re-schedule. Keep an eye on facebook for latest updates.

Who’s is it for? Anyone. Dogs (and humans) of all ages, shapes, sizes and breeds are welcome to come and compete and take part in what is a unique event where the emphasis is very much on fun. It is the owners responsbility to ensure their dog is capable of walking for 3 hours and approx 10km.

Considerate event management: We are proud to be organising our event in conjunction with the National Trust, local farmers, landowners and residents.

It is really important that our canine (and human) friends don’t disturb lambing sheep, local residents, wildlife habitats and birds who have travelled thousands of miles to nest in this beautiful area. Our event is all about having the best fun possible with your dog in a responsible manner and on a lead – as a team!

Rules and Conditions


  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Any teams with dogs not on lead will be disqualified.
  • You know you’re dog – if it doesn’t cope well with hot/cold/wet weather – don’t take the chance
  • All dogs must be over 12 months old
  • No bitches in season or pregnant dogs
  • You must clean up and dispose of dog waste responsibly, if this means carry the poo bag to the next available bin then this must be done.
  • Max 2 dogs per person
  • Muzzles must be the wire / plastic greyhound racing style which allow the dog to breath effectively whilst running/walking (if you wish to seek clarification on this please email is on info@inspired-outdoors or send us a direct message on facebook)
  • No dogs that have had an infectious disease in the last 21 days or coughing dogs
  • Preferably no flexi-leads or if they are used they must be kept relatively short (max 1.5m).
  • Dogs should preferably not be on a slip lead, choke chain, head collar or anything that restricts breathing. This is a general rule included purely in the interests of safety of your dog on a running event over a distance of 6.5km or 10km. You may be comfortable that this rule is not relevant for your specific dog/situation. If this is the case, please email us on info@inspired-outdoors or send us a direct message on facebook.

Borrowed Dogs

  • If you borrow a dog to take part – you must have socialised together before the event and the competitor must be aware of the dog’s behaviour in a ‘social’ environment.


  • You must be able to control your dog throughout the event
  • Mistreating of dogs will not be tolerated
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied & supervised by an adult for the duration of the event
  • No metal studded shoes
  • You must carry poo bags with you during the race (we have spares!)
  • You are ultimately responsible for your own welfare and that of your dog.
  • By participating, participants agree to take part in pre and post-race publicity, which may include interviews, photography and/or filming, let us know if you need to opt out of this with your race number.

General Event Rules

  • Make sure you attend and listen to the important safety briefing prior to the event.
  • You must ensure both you and your dog(s) are fit enough to complete the route – consult your doctor/vet if in doubt.
  • All walkers must follow the countryside code, especially in relation to shutting gates. It is also forbidden to climb any walls or fences. All competitors must stay on the fully way-marked course.
  • By entering this event participants accept the risks that are inherent from trail walking and an ‘informed consent form’ must be check when entering online and signed during registration confirming this.
  • Please be aware and respectful of other participants and path users around you and give way to other members of the public using the route.
  • If any dog needs veterinary support we can provide contact details of local vets on the day. Any vet call out costs must be borne by the participant.
  • We collect certain information about you during registration for safety purposes. This information is managed in accordance with data privacy regulations and is deleted/destroyed after an event is over. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.


  • The race will be covered by event/public liability insurance but all racers and spectators attend the event and run at their own risk. It is advised that participants take out their own travel/medical insurance.